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Post  Pazu the Kitsune on Wed Jul 21, 2010 9:42 am

Here are some maps relevant to the mod:

NOTE: The 1600 map is incorrect and needs to be updated.

\Siam Total War: Mod Maps Modmap1600-1

red & white stripped vertical: Kingdom of Assam
purple & white stripped vertical: Shan States
light yellow: Ming Dynasty
purple: Kingdom of Manipur
blue & white stripped vertical: Kingdom of Arakan
green & yellow stripped vertical: Kingdom of Toungoo
dark blue: Kingdom of Lanna
red & white stripped diagonal: Federation of Lan Xang
pink: Mac Lords
Dark Red: Trinh Lords
Dark Green: Nguyen Lords
Aqua Blue: Kingdom of Pegu
Red: Kingdom of Ayutthaya
Brown: Pattani Sultanate
Green: Kingdom of Kampuchea
Orange: Kingdom of Champa
red & yellow stripped diagonal: Aceh Sultanate
light blue & white stripped diagonal: Kingdom of Portugal
blue & light yellow stripped diagonal: Johor Sultanate
grey: Rebel/Unaffiliated territory

Concept Map:
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