Siam Total War: Total Faction + Playable faction list

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Siam Total War: Total Faction + Playable faction list

Post  Pazu the Kitsune on Wed Jul 21, 2010 9:15 am

Here is a list of the playable factions:

Ming Dynasty
Trinh Lords
Nguyen Lords
Kingdom of Ayutthaya
Kingdom of Toungoo
Kingdom of Arakan
Aceh Sultanate
Johor Sultanate
Empire of Portugal

Total number of playable factions:

Here is an alphabetized list of all the factions that appear in the mod:

Faction Short name (Faction full name) (location) (culture)

Siam: Total War Alphabetized Factions List

Aceh (Aceh Sultanate) (North Sumatra) (Malay)
Arakan (Kingdom of Arakan) (Burma) (Burmese)
Assam (Kingdom of Assam) (Far East India) (Burmese)
Ayutthaya (Kingdom of Ayutthaya) (Siam) (Siamese)
Champa (Kingdom of Champa) (Vietnam) (Malay)
France (Kingdom of France) (emergent) (European)
Johor (Johor Sultanate) (Malay Peninsula) (Malay)
Khmer (Kingdom of Lovek) (Cambodia) (Siamese)
Lan Xang (Kingdom of Lan Xang) (Laos) (Siamese)
Lanna (Kingdom of Lanna) (Siam) (Siamese)
Mac (Mac Lords) (Vietnam) (Han-Viet)
Ming (Ming Dynasty) (China) (Han-Viet)
Nguyen (Nguyen Lords) (Vietnam) (Han-Viet)
Pattani (Pattani Sultanate) (Malay Peninsula) (Malay)
Portugal (Empire of Portugal) (Malay Peninsula) (European)
Qing (Qing Dynasty) (China) (Han-Viet)
Shan (Shan States) (Burma) (Burmese)
Toungoo (Kingdom of Toungoo) (Burma) (Burmese)
Trinh (Trinh Lords) (Vietnam) (Han-Viet)
Tungning (Kingdom of Tungning) (Taiwan) (Han-Viet)
Vientiane (Kingdom of Vientiane) (emergent, Laos) (Siamese)
VOC (Dutch East India Company) (emergent) (European)

Total Number of Factions:
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