Siam Total War: The Overview

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Siam Total War: The Overview Empty Siam Total War: The Overview

Post  Pazu the Kitsune on Wed Jul 21, 2010 8:21 am

Siam: Total War was originally a mod for Empire TW. However, due to difficulties arising from modding the campaign map, we have decided to make some adjustments to the mod and move it to Medieval 2 Total War. I hope that by doing this we can get the mod released in a reasonable amount of time. So here is the new mod info:

Siam: Total War
(a mod for Medieval 2 Total War)
-Spans from 1600-1700
-The map stretches from Far East India to Taiwan, as far north as Southern China and as far south as the Malay Peninsula
-It will include such factions as the Ming and Qing Chinese Dynastys, the Siamese Ayutthaya Dynasty, the Mac, Nguyen and Trinh Vietnamese factions, the Kingdom of Assam, the Burmese Toungoo Dynasty, and more
-It will have famous generals and characters such as Naresuan, Koxinga, Iksandar Muda and more
-It will cover famous events such as the Trinh-Nguyen War, the Manchu invasion of Southern China, Koxingas takeover of Taiwan, the rise of the Dutch in South east asia and the Siamese revolution of 1688
-It will contain new units such as Shan Ogre Warriors, Ayutthaya Royal Guard Musketeers, the Jingal Gun, Ming Flamethrowers and Acehnese marines

At the moment the biggest thing we need is people who are good at skinning and modelling.


Pazu the Kitsune (head of organization and recruitment)
ShopperKimpy (head of research)

Faction Research:
China: -open-
Taiwan: -open-
Vietnam: Pazu the Kitsune
Siam: ShopperKimpy
Laos+Cambodia: -open-
Burma+Assam: -open-
Malay Peninsula+Sumatra: intifadanyz

2D Work:
Glowbal (retired)


Wundai (buildings&wonders)


SiamWarrior, gigantus

Game + menu art:

Think of this mod as a revived version of the original mod for Empire TW. Although the original spanned from 1700-1880, much of the research is still applicable to this timespan. A huge amount of research was compiled at our forums here:
Hopefully this will make research easier for this mod. Anyone who was interested in the original or is interested in this place and time should contribute to this mod.

-Pazu the Kitsune
Pazu the Kitsune
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